Easily reduce foodwaste by sharing realtime information on where available free food exists on your campus

Today's solution to sharing free food on campus suck.

Current options like GroupMe chats don't work well.

Out Of Date Info

Information is always outdated, and students are left guessing if the food is still there.

    Insufficient Info

    GroupMe posts often are missing location info or other relevant details.

    Unsafe Food

    You can't tell how safe the food is before going to check it out.

    So we made the all-in-one solution.

    Let's see how sharing and finding free food just got better on FreeEats.

    Step 1: Sign-in with your college email

    This is how you see all free food posting from everyone else on campus.

    Step 2: Browse Free Food posts on Campus

    Quickly see all free food posts near your current location, and read up-to-date info about the post.

    Step 3: Check-in to a Free Food post

    If you plan on going, check-in to claim one of the available servings of food. This tells everyone else how many servings to expecct to be left.

    Step 4: Add Comments to Free Food Posts

    Notice something out of date? Easily add a comment to a free food post to let other know the current situation.

    Step 5: Post Free Food

    Quickly fill out the Free Food Form to share all the important info about the free food you've encountered.


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